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    AI / ML Apps

    Category of apps that offers advanced capabilities for Modern factories

    AI – Machine Learning

    Category of apps that delivers Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Capabilities for Quality, Maintenance and Product Development

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    Quality Classification

    Advanced analytical solution that allows batch level classification ...

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    Predictive quality

    Apps supporting predictive analytics on quality

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    Digital twin

    Apps supporting predictive analytics on quality

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    Supply chain

    Apps related to supply chain planning

    Supply chain planning

    Category of apps related to planning. Covers demand planning, network planning, production scheduling etc.

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    Demand planning

    Supports advanced demand planning capabilities

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    Network planning

    Supports advanced network planning capabilities

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    Production scheduling

    Supports production scheduling capabilities

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    Apps related to warehouse operations

    Warehouse Operations

    Category of apps related to warehouse management, inbound handling, digital Kanban, CoA ( Certifcate of Analysis), etc.

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    Inbound handling

    Apps related to inbound material flow

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    Label printing

    Label printing functionality for shop floor requirement

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    Dispatch handling

    Apps related to outbound material flow

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    Manufacturing operations

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    Digital work instructions

    Apps related to digital work instructions…

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    Process sequencing

    Apps related to process execution controls

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    Machine integrations

    Apps related to machine data collection

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    Apps related to quality control and traceability

    Quality Management

    Category of apps related to manufacturing execution, schedule execution, digital perating procedure, in process checks etc..

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    Quality work instructions

    Apps related to digital work instruction ...

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    Quality Check

    Apps Supporting quality test execution

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    Product traceability

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    Digital Worker

    Automate repetitive, manual, time-consuming tasks with RPA-based bots

    Digital workplace

    Digital workplace bots that allow automation of manual tasks across factory workplaces.

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    Procurement assistant

    Digital workplace that automates various Procurement-related tasks.

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    Sales assistant

    Digital workplace that automates various Sales-related tasks

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    Production assistant

    Digital workplace that automates Production-related tasks

Build on industrial standards

Build on Industry 4.0 specifications and standards from Plattform Industrie 4.0 (Germany's central network shaping the digital transformation in manufacturing)... More

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IndustryApps is a complete ecosystem with constantly evolving apps – no settling for old technology... More

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We understand the criticality of your data. Our architecture follows finance- grade security standards.

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Experts from operations, supply chain, lean and quality review and design applications along your value chain. Deploying these apps brings the best industrial practices to your business.

Plug-and-play apps

Ability to use apps in "fully integrated" or "disconnected" mode. Integration APIs for leading ERPs are available. Build your own integration layer in concert with our experts or your IT team.

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Apps for your workforce

user friendly and elegant

All apps are ready for use on your choice of devices. From handheld scanners to tablets or wearables and built with not only security but ease of use in mind.

With our apps in your employees’ hands you will accelerate the transformation of your business.

Empower your people and build a next- generation workforce.

Why IndustryApps?

Access an ecosystem of incredibly robust and beautiful apps


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Apps that cover functions along your value chain - from material entry point to dispatch to customers and beyond.


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Proven apps, designed and validated by domain experts. Using technology for solving real business problems.


Quick ROI

No large capital investments on licensing. No lock-in periods or costly upgrades. Use as per your requirement and unsubscribe at any time.


Secured and validated

All apps are guaranteed to go through rigorous testing and validation procedures to ensure maximum performance and the highest security.


Actionable results

Extensive reporting capabilities and operational KPIs for monitoring end-to-end processes. Intuitive PDCA and "morning meeting" dashboards as apps.


Scalable evolution

Platform featuring a constantly growing list of apps and access to continuous upgrades for features and functions to grow and evolve your business.

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