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The world is transforming itself at an incredible pace and manufacturing industries are facing completely new challenges. New business models are disrupting classical operating systems.

Industry 4.0 and digitalization is becoming a necessity for survival.

Our dream at IndustryApps is to see that the power of technology is in the hands of the many , not of the few. At the very least we light a fire in people's hearts. But maybe we start a revolution.

Let's make your factory smart and your products connected.

We don't see ourselves as a technology vendor but rather as your partner in your digital journey.

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Secured cloud designed
with industrial data in mind

"Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing."
- Paul Meritz, CEO of VMware
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Security features
Secured data center
High-security data center hosted in Germany
Maximum physical security, no entry without authorization, must be accompanied by security personnel at all times
ISO/IEC 27001:2013, PCI DSS. ISO 9001:2015 data center
Dedicated IPS and IDS personnel and infrastructure
Fallback infrastructure > 100km distance, dedicated fibre link
Ready for fiber direct connects to AWS and Azure

Secured Technology Stack

Built on top of Java EE
Spring Boot framework
Using spring security with OWASP practices
MS SQL server database
Responsive apps based on AngularJS
Hybrid - Microservices & OAuth 2.0 authentication

Secured Architecture

N-Tier architecture for scalability and security
Hybrid microservices
Containerized deployments
TLS-encrypted network
Architectural patterns matching secure banking solution best practices
Multi-tenant model with separate DB schemas per customer
Orchestration of JSON services

Still not sure?

Security is a difficult topic bringing with it quite a lot of questions.
We have more than 15 years of experience in deploying solutions for industry.
Contact us to see how we can help.

Steps to success

How it works
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Sign up

Registration is fast and simple and after verification you get access to the platform and our network.

  • Register your company and provide contact details (Please register with your company email address only)
  • Select your Industry and tell us which specific area you are interested in
  • Once verified by IndustryApps you will receive your credentials
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Pick and choose apps you are interested in. Choose a subscription plan and click on Subscribe.

  • Login to IndustryApps AppStore
  • Select apps which you are interested to deploy
  • Select a subscription plan
  • You will receive credentials to your factory instance
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Platform setup

Receive credentials to your own private instance. Customize it with your logo. Maintain relevant master data or synchronize with your ERP and you are ready to test.

  • Enable master data apps
  • Set up connection to your ERP – interface setup (doppelt?) (you can engage your local ERP/System integrator company or contact us for support)
  • Maintain users/roles and responsibilities and master data / synchronize with ERP
  • Test the subscribed apps
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Go live

Train users and deploy to production. Collect feedback, monitor usage and adapt your subscription based on your needs.

You always have the choice to opt out.

  • Setup your production environment
  • Train the users - Most apps are self explanatory, but we provide
  • Prepare for going live
  • Start using your new Digital Capability
Sign up

Please allow for up to three business days to process your registration and please provide a valid phone number so our representatives can contact you to verify your information.

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