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The whole world is facing a new work reality . The classical world of full-time employment is being replaced by the "Gig Economy" and passive income streams.

IndustryApps delivers the flexibility, freedom and personal fulfilment of this way of working to industry experts.

According to a 2020 report done by Intuit 80% of large US Companies are planning to switch to a flexible workforce.

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Introducing the
industrial gig economy

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Flexible Work Models


Enter into partnerships with solution providers and others like yourself active on our platform and build great apps together and lasting business relationships.


Consulting gig

Stay flexible and keep your options open. Find consulting gigs on our platform and do as much work on a monthly basis as you like on what truly interests you.


Sales gig

Make the most of the influence you have as an opinion leader. Find a project you like and support the team with getting the message out to potential customers.


Whatever you fancy

Those first three models are just popular examples. IndustryApps gives you the freedom and creativity to decide how you want to work and generate revenue.

How it works
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Registration is fast and simple and after verification you get access to the platform and our network.

  • Tell us a little about yourself and provide your area of expertise
  • Resumes, portfolio, references to LinkedIn, Websites etc. help us get to know you better
  • Once verified by IndustryApps you will receive your credentials
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Connect with others and help them overcome business and process challenges and benefit from your knowledge.

  • Create or join a team on IndustryApps
  • Link up with solution providers, experts and influencers
  • Share knowledge so others can benefit from your insights
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Create something of value and unlock a global revenue stream coming from thousands of potential customers.

  • Build a solution with your team
  • Go from idea to solution to success story
  • Receive valuable feedback from our experts
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Receive monthly payouts* of your profits as customers subscribe to or purchase your app and in app subscriptions.

*Payout amounts may vary based on applicable taxation and currency exchange rates.

  • Fair profit sharing as per our pricing guidelines.
  • Payouts at the beginning of every month
  • Dedicated team for any questions regarding payouts and finances
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