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Adapt your existing application to work with IndustryApps or build a new one, following any standard technology or platform you are comfortable with!

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Unlock a
global revenue stream

"Globalization is a fact, because of technology, because of an integrated supply chain, because of changes in transportation. And we are not going to be able to build a wall around that."
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Flexible Business Models


Customers can try your app within a trial period with full functionality. This lowers the entry barrier and gives customers a chance to evaluate the benefits of your app, so that they can make an informed decision.


Paid, subscription

Your customers pay as they go, providing your business with a steady source of income, allowing you to keep improving your solution so you can expand functionalities and your customer base.


Paid, one time*

* on-premise only

If you have a solution that caters to the traditionalon-premise segment of the market, you can also make your app available to customers as a one-time purchase.


In-app subscriptions

Combine the ease of the trial model with the benefits of subscriptions. You provide a limited feature set and customers can unlock more powerful functions through in -app subscriptions.

Guiding Principles



IndustryApps and its partners treat not only personal but all business data as the customer's most valuable resource. By design, customer data cannot be monetized.

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Customers depend on their apps being 100% reliable in their daily operations. Everything is tested and reviewed by our experts to ensure this service quality.

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We like functions such as in-app-subscriptions, if they provide additional value for the customer. We don't like in-app-advertising as it doesn't benefit the user.

School of thought



In other words, apps on our platform work in the way we would feel comfortable as customers ourselves, not to maximize profit over everything else.

Submission guidelines

How it works
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Sign up

Registration is fast and simple and after verifying your company you get access to the platform and developer sandbox.

  • Tell us a little about your company and provide your area of expertise
  • Resumes, portfolio, references to LinkedIn, Websites etc. help us understand your business better
  • Once verified by IndustryApps you will receive your credentials
  • We can support you with onboarding existing solutions
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Play around with the sandbox and adapt your app to our platform. Our technical advisors are glad to help with any questions.

  • Follow the developer guidelines so your solution fits the IA standards
  • Connect with process experts and opinion leaders to improve
  • Get help from IndustryApps developer experts with specific challenges
  • Test out your solution in our sandbox
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Define your audience and business model, submit your app and release it through our AppStore after it has been reviewed.

  • Decide on the right business model for your app
  • Put your app up for review by our process and security experts so you can rest assured ready
  • Receive valuable feedback from our experts
  • Release your app to production and see it live
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Receive monthly payouts* of your profits as customers subscribe to or purchase your app and in -app subscriptions.

*Payout amounts may vary based on applicable taxation and currency exchange rates.

  • Fair profit sharing as per our pricing guidelines.
  • Payouts at the beginning of every month
  • Irregular payouts for large one time app purchases possible on request
  • Dedicated team for any questions regarding payouts and finances
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Please allow for up to three business days to process your registration and please provide a valid phone number so our representatives can contact you to verify your information.

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