Our vision and mission

Empowering businesses through digital transformation Welcome to IndustryApps, the world's first fully functional end-to-end industrial Dataspace and Industry 4.0 solutions ecosystem! We're a team of industry veterans and Industry 4.0 thought leaders who have completed over 200 digitalisation projects. Our passion is helping businesses unlock the full potential offered by digital transformation and our mission is making these opportunities accessible to every organisation, regardless of size or industry.
The forefront of technology, based on open standards IndustryApps is built using open Industry 4.0 standards, ensuring universal compatibility. We deploy the latest technologies to create Dataspaces, Digital-Twins and Smart Factories to achieve holistic connectivity, visibility, traceability, control, and interoperability throughout a business and its supply-chain. This allows our customers to enhance their performance in all areas, from planning and purchasing to operations, sales, finance and strategic management.
Digital transformation made simple and accessible for everyone Should you wish to learn more about how we have helped global corporates and SMEs in Europe, South-East Asia and the US to create value through digital transformation, or if you're looking to unlock strategic and operational value for your business, contact us to find out how we can help. We're excited to work with you!
Find out how we unlock strategic and operational value The platform is complemented by an open Marketplace featuring Industry 4.0 Smart Factory solutions for the end-to-end digital transformation, from front line operations support to digital enterprise solutions, from simple shop-floor process applications to the latest ML/AI powered predictive maintenance solutions. All of these can be added as required and in plug-and-play mode, reducing the risks associated with digitalisation projects while giving our clients total control and flexibility.

Founding Team

Rolf Knoerzer
CEO Rolf is a mechanical engineer and had a successful career of 30 years in Industrial Manufacturing. Prior to founding IndustryApps he was responsible for Operations & Supply Chain in Henkel Group, overseeing approximately $2.5bn in revenue, 40 production sites, and around 4,000 employees. He has a deep understanding of the shopfloor, business processes, and with the implementation and usage of digital systems.
Sandeep Sreekumar
COO Sandeep has spent the last 20 years in Industrial Digitalisation, serving as Global IT/OT Architecture Head and Global Head of Digital Operations for Henkel. He has implemented Smart Factory programs in140 sites worldwide, with some factories designated as "Lighthouse Industry 4.0" by the Global Economic Forum. He received recognition for delivering Industry 4.0 lighthouse programs by the industrial ministries of China, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Jayadev Vasantham
CTO Jay has over 20 years of experience in the IT/Digital space and a proven track record in driving multi-million-dollar international projects with cross-cultural, geographically distributed teams. He has a deep understanding of Al, IoT, Digital- Twin, Metaverse, Blockchain, Near Real- time systems, Cloud Native Computing, Mobile and Web app development. For the last 13 years he held management and board positions with Geojit Technologies in India

Our locations

Singapore Headquarters Parkview Square 600 North Bridge Road #10-01, Singapore 188778
Germany EU Headquarters Gerichtstetter Str. 13 74731 Walldürn Germany
India Regional office Building 11 3E, 3rd Floor 18/1164 Noel Focus, Seaport - Airport Road 682037 Kerala India
China Regional office Building 11 1333 Jiangnan Avenue Chong Ming District Shanghai China
Australia Regional office Glen Waverley Victoria 3150 Australia
United States Regional office COMING SOON!
United Kingdom Regional office COMING SOON!
Israel Regional office COMING SOON!
Mexico Regional office COMING SOON!
Dubai Regional office COMING SOON!
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